Please visit HIPAA to learn about healthcare privacy laws regading healthcare data exchange.

Please note data provided through the platform may be HIPAA/PIPA compliant when the data is provided by the MEMBER, not the Practitioner. In this service, the member provides healthcare information onto their own page, and shares this with the Healthcare Practitioner, instead of the other way around. The data is owned by the member, and any data provided by the Healthcare Practitioner becomes owned by the member upon transmission.

The one exception to this is the COVID-19 test result or Notes provided by a Healthcare Provider to the Member, which are transmitted the other way, from the Healthcare Practititioner to the member. Upon receipt, ownership of the data belongs to the member.

Hub Culture maintains and stores the data on behalf of the member, but does not have access to view or read this data. Hub Culture does not sell this data or provide any other service than providing the Peer-to-Peer connection link between the Healthcare Practitioner and the Member. All data transfers are subject to Hub Culture Privacy Rules and Terms and Conditions.